A Google-like search that allows you to search any data or content from multiple systems (CRM, CMS, event system, document imaging system, student system, etc) with a single search and easily view an aggregate result set of all matching results on any device.


Data Blending

Blend internal data with cloud applications and social media through our innovative matching algorithm to get the big picture on constituents from anywhere.

Semi Structured Search

Semi structured search combined with structured filters allows you to quickly locate all relevant data in a single step, regardless of where it resides or what format it's in.

Robust Search

Find ALL relevant information taking into account academic, professional and cultural synonyms, acronyms and misspellings including name variations and nicknames.

Social Suggestions

Suggestion engine locates people online and reveals meaningful current information on constituents from public social media and news sources.


Save, share and take action with results tagging, exports and 3rd party integrations. Leverage interactive maps to help you locate constituents, plan events and connect with regional groups.


Embed in existing web apps and sites to improve existing workflow and systems. Make Universal Search your own with your header, logo, and colors.