donor research

We’re Making Donor and Contact Research Painless

Imagine being able to pull together all the data you need for your donor or alumni research from one place. Uprising Technology is helping universities and academic medical centers connect and aggregate the data they need to complete projects and achieve their goals faster.

Search was Uprising Technology’s first product, and it still provides the technology underpinnings that allow us to meet a diverse set of needs.

For academic medical centers, we’ve built Uprising Medical Development (or Uprising MD) that is reinventing the way hospital and university teams examine data with a platform that is fully HIPAA compliant.

Uprising MD helps aggregate data about patients and patient visits for researchers.

  • Fundraising teams can identify new ways to target donors.
  • Find a potential donor’s passion or interest in medical departments or research, along with any connection they have with the university.
  • Easily identify what areas of need should be communicated to prospects.
  • Eliminate over-communication, so prospects don’t become disengaged.
  • Recognize if a prospect is more connected with the hospital, clinics, or labs than their alma mater.

What do you get with Uprising MD?

  • Automation of connecting and deduplication of records from medical records.
  • Complete view of information pulled from donor histories, online supporters, and university records.
  • Better information for fundraising teams.
  • Support for patient fundraising independent of alumni status.

With Uprising MD, we make it easier for academic medical centers to identify strong fundraising prospects.

We Help Researchers and Development Officers Get More Done By Cutting Processes Down in a Mobile-Friendly Environment

Are you part of an operations team? Uprising lets you manipulate and restructure data so that it’s absorbed and curated efficiently. If you work with an external vendor, we also allow you to outsource your data integrations to our platform.

Uprising makes data easier for teams to manage.

  • Aggregate data in one place that is searchable by name, topic, or keyword.
  • Work efficiently with automatic data curation in a mobile-friendly environment.
  • Uncover new prospects and additional important details that inform affinity-based prospect identification.
  • Receive data in a clean format that’s easy to understand.
  • Use real-time, dynamic pictures of donors through continually refreshed external updates.
  • Wealth-screen prospects through filtering by population shifts, geography, record type, or demographics.
  • Create contact records that easily feed into your enterprise platform.
  • Plan trips and look into records while you’re on the road.
  • Maximize productivity and streamline training through intuitive searching and filtering.

Ready to cut down hundreds of searches to just a few clicks? Get in touch with us today to set up a demo and see how our platform can work for you!