online directory

Our Platform Makes It Simple for All Your Constituents to Connect in One Place

Once students graduate, you’re no longer guaranteed up-to-date contact information. Don’t waste time trying to find it by hand. Our platform pulls in updated data from both internal and external sources so you can build stronger profiles with a few clicks.

For your constituents, our platform offers a single sign-on that is attached to the university website for easy access. Whether it’s alumni, volunteers, or students, the Uprising platform creates an online directory that makes it simple to find the people you need.

Here’s an overview of the benefits each of your constituents can receive with the different modules in our platform.


  • Reconnect with old friends, broaden professional networks, and quickly find peers on connected online university resources and public social networks with access to online profiles and directory search.
  • Authenticate to restricted content like library resources, private online communities or email services.
  • Coming soon: alumni will be able to add and edit their profile information within the directory.

Volunteer Managers and Volunteers

  • Quickly identify and recruit potential volunteers.
  • Provide peer feedback via an intuitive interface, which routes volunteer input to fundraising staff.
  • Communicate through online peer review lists and assigned committee lists and pass updates back to university staff.
  • Access client-provided ask amounts for peer-to-peer solicitation programs.
  • Collect volunteer status information and comments.


  • Identify potential alumni mentors and expand personal and/or professional networks through the database.
  • Ability to search alumni clubs and events.

Want to create a stronger database of your constituents? Learn more about how these modules can make an impact by setting up a demo with us today to find out how our platform can work for you.