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Whether it’s Our Platform or Yours, We’ll Get Your Data Where it Needs to Go

You have data everywhere. Wouldn’t it be easier to search all your information in one place?

We’ve got you covered. The Uprising Technology platform connects with your existing databases, event management systems, enterprise systems, and more.

  • Our proprietary identity resolver automates syncing data across internal and external data sources and the merging of duplicate data records
  • Eliminate the manual process of combining and updating alumni records that are missing information or a common identifier
  • Our platform works in tandem with modern as well as legacy fundraising CRMs

If you’re interested in learning more about the alumni engagement platforms, CRMs, event management systems, patient Electronic Health Record systems, and athletics ticketing systems we can integrate with, set up a demo with a member of our team to find out how we can work together.

We’re Creating Data Awesomeness Using Innovative Identity Resolution Methods

If you’ve ever struggled with duplicate records in your system, we hear you. Many universities want to be able to use new technology but can’t because they already have a custom database in place. If they can use new technology, it’s a tedious process to build integrations.

Our platform offers a patent-pending identity resolution method where we recognize the different ways a contact may identify themselves on different channels and platforms and bring them together into one record for easy access and understanding.

Along with our search platform, we also offer our identity provider (IdP) and Advanced Data Load Interface (ADLI) as separate modules teams can take advantage of.

As an IdP, Uprising provides a dynamic, customized new user registration process.

  • IdP automates approval of new user accounts.
  • Allows login with up to 27 different social identities, institution IDs, or dedicated accounts for individuals who don’t wish to use social login or who don’t have an institutional ID.

ADLI creates an API to the Uprising aggregate database that can integrate enterprise products with their legacy data.

  • ADLI is specifically designed to sync with the most common university advancement systems.
  • Save time for university IT staff by syncing approved updates between connected university systems.
  • Take advantage of timely data refreshes to all system users in a cost-effective manner.

We can also perform data enrichment by providing data for purchase on specific demographics for existing data records. This method is just one of many data services that we currently offer along with our main platform. You can learn more about these options here.

Interested in learning more about these modules, data services, or our platform? Send us an email.