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Uprising Technology is Changing the Way University Teams Achieve Their Goals

Uprising Technology brings data from internal and external sources together in one easy to access, easy to search cloud-based platform.

Does your university team run into a wall when they plan to do alumni, donor, or volunteer research? The information you need might be in your system — but it’s scattered across different software programs and databases. Or you have some data, but it’s incomplete or out-of-date.

That’s where we come in. Here’s how the Uprising platform can work with your team:

Person Detail

Volunteer Prospects

Social Search

We create a single sign-on, mobile-friendly database from internal and external sources that is attached to the university website.

  • Take data from all your systems and put it behind one login.
  • Pull new information from external sources like social media and demographic research vendors.
  • Set up rules and curate profiles based on your criteria.
  • Find and connect new information to individuals in your databases.
  • Allow review and approval of new data for your university profile with the click of a mouse or tap of a phone.
  • Build holistic alumni profiles with data – updating from who they were in school to who they are today.

Our integrated data saves you time and reduces your expenses.

  • Eliminate the need to hire additional researchers to field requests from frontline officers.
  • Use rapid and automated integration of large proprietary data sets (like patients or students) with alumni and/or donor datasets.
  • Connect your existing software, like custom databases or popular enterprise programs.
  • Deduplicate records that are missing common identifiers with our patent pending Identity Resolution.
  • Provide quick integrated and actionable access to public and third-party data sets without having to conduct multiple searches for fundraisers.
  • Enable teams with valuable qualifying and engagement data to identify prospects faster.
  • Give fundraisers the ability to perform more meaningful work.

A user-friendly interface ensures the collection of valuable data.

  • Deliver better experiences to alumni and volunteers with access to a full alumni database.
  • Allow alumni to provide prospect qualification information by directly updating their personal and contact information.
  • Look up students, staff, and/or alumni in our profile and directory search. 
  • Enable gift officers to create contact reports for more informed fundraising and do their own research – all from a mobile device, if preferred.

We know you’ve been facing a stressful process. We’ve worked in universities, and we’ve seen first-hand the challenges that teams are struggling with.

Our platform can be used by individuals at every level:

  • Staff
  • Development officers
  • Event planners
  • Volunteers and volunteer managers
  • Alumni and students

Like what you’ve heard so far? Among the organizations we already serve: Northwestern University, University of Tennessee Foundation, Rutgers University Foundation, the University of Chicago Medical Center, the University of Chicago, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Pomona College. If you want to learn more about our platform, get in touch with us here.