Did you hear that Uprising Technology has a mascot?

We asked our clients for help in providing a name, and they suggested DATA. When we asked them why, they told us data is what we help our clients find, curate and interpret to meet their business needs. DATA is a playful and colorful character, but also a good visual reminder of what we do.

How does a parrot speak? Well, it finds patterns and surfaces them. With flair. That sounds a lot like great data analytics!

How does a parrot learn? It listens. It observes. Uprising Technology helps your organization listen to the feedback and updates being made available, and helps you sort through the noise to see the patterns and surface them so that you can effectively engage with your constituents.

DATA has been making a number of trips with our staff, and he hopes to see you soon!

Written by Uprising Tech Admin
Uprising Technology is revolutionizing the way universities perform research to help teams achieve their goals and get work done faster. We make it simple to research and manage data with a cloud-based, single sign-on database that pulls all the information you need into one, easy to use platform.