Uprising MD

The life-­changing and life­-saving research done by top academic medical centers leave each of us in awe.

But while they lead in developing healthcare solutions, they also face the same data challenges which surface in most large complex organizations. There are multiple patient systems, fundraising systems, communication and advancement portals. “Is this the same John Smith?” is a question that plagues just about everyone!

Uprising MD marries Uprising’s patent ­pending identity matching algorithms and the technical elegance of our graph database platform with the complex data needs of a HIPAA­ compliant fundraising organization. We smoothly match and merge relevant information from the patient system with the alumni information from the associated medical school/university fundraising database, then append other useful information to allow for a more tailored outreach to these populations.

After many months of hard work and engaged partnership, Uprising Technology launched in production with our first Uprising MD client in the summer of 2018.

Would you like to learn more about this cloud­-based solution for your healthcare fundraising team? We’d love to talk with you!

Written by Uprising Tech Admin
Uprising Technology is revolutionizing the way universities perform research to help teams achieve their goals and get work done faster. We make it simple to research and manage data with a cloud-based, single sign-on database that pulls all the information you need into one, easy to use platform.