Elasticsearch training: What was learned. 

The world of technology is continually changing.  With a rapid refresh rate on hardware and software, comes the need for a greater understanding of how it all works.  Uprising Technology believes that in order to serve our clients in the highest capacity, we need to be leaders in this ever changing world of software. 

How do we become leaders?  

By pushing ourselves to continually learn, applying our knowledge to our product and to our clients.  

Kathleen Ramos, our senior python engineer, recently attended a week long training session for Elasticsearch, which is “a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine capable of solving a growing number of use cases.”

During this instructor-led course, Kathleen refined her expertise on querying data, text analysis and mappings, improving search results, aggregating data, troubleshooting, and best practices.  

Kathleen also tackled field modeling, fixing data, cluster management, capacity planning, document modeling, advanced search and aggregations, monitoring and alerting, and moving from development into production.

All of these topics helped Kathleen to build a stronger core, or foundation, of understanding towards Elasticsearch and how it can support Uprising Technology.

What’s next for Kathleen?

Sharing and applying what she learned with the Uprising Technology team and to the product.  Also, Kathleen will be waiting patiently for the start of the next Chicago Blackhawks season. October 4th cannot get here soon enough.


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Written by Valerie Belvedere