We’re Creating Solutions for the Challenges Universities Face Through Groundbreaking Data Services

At Uprising Technology, we love working with and manipulating data to allow it to work more efficiently for universities and their teams. We like to call it Data Awesomeness.

Need help with data integrations? We can assist in efforts to aggregate and curate data with access to many different programs that are a part of our entire platform.

Our team was formed by individuals with deep personal connections to the challenges facing universities. We understand what your teams need when it comes to organizing and identifying data for your projects.

Data Services

Here’s an overview of the different data services we offer.

  • Leverage the latest data technology and machine learning to match records and identify recommended profile updates with human-like accuracy. Our identity resolver has been shown to identify the same match as a human 94.7 percent of the time.
  • Instead of being given files of data that have to be manually entered or require extensive work by internal IT teams, use profile updates that are immediately consumable. We pre-process update files delivering rapid improvements in the speed of load to the primary systems of record.
  • Integrate data from existing private records and cloud applications to create a unified data source. This integration prevents and merges duplicate records automatically.
  • Use our proprietary patent-pending matching process to recognize the different ways someone identifies themselves and combine that data into one record with character-level comparisons, synonym databases, geographic radiuses, and institution-specific data dictionaries.
  • Keep records current by identifying and gathering the latest profile information from numerous sources including online profiles and engagement, publicly available news feeds, event registrations, athletics ticketing data, consumer data sources, and charitable support histories.
  • Understand the career pathways of alumni, popular employers, and key persons at organizations through the identification and sync of professional employment updates.
  • Identify and engage with new volunteers or donors using updated demographics that will help you see what individuals care about, what their net worth is, whether they own a home, and more. We also help verify that the information is correct by checking it against existing data.
  • We partner with multiple data marketplaces to find and pull the most accurate information, and then package the matched and aggregated results for easy use online in our platform or as standalone files for loading or research purposes.
  • We can automate data update loads or selectively review and approve before updating private records.

Start covering your bases better and find the exact information you need without the hassle. See our features in action. Schedule a demo with us to learn more.

Data Services

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