Cloud transformation is here. Let us be your guide.

Are you one of these people?

Advancement operations

Alumni engagement professional

Annual fund leader


Volunteer manager

Strategic information specialist

Advancement information director

Prospect research analyst

You probably have one of these challenges.

Effectively staying current with social engagement and news.

Critical information is spread across disparate internal systems and cloud applications.

Mobile access seems unattainable in your current systems.

Maintaining data quality is an uphill battle.

Keeping track of multiple usernames and passwords is a chore.

Finding the data you need consumes valuable time.

Connecting private University information with social profiles, events and groups seems impossible.

We have the solution.


Quickly login and search for information from one or more systems with one login and a single intuitive, Google-like interface. What could be better? While we're at it we link online identities to your University records and make sure everything is accessible from any device. Our patent-pending big data engine combines all of your existing data and augments it with meaningful and relevant external data, transforming your existing systems into a single, mobile-friendly engagement platform.


Digital disruption is happening quickly - higher education is no exception. Cloud virtualization and big data technology is evolving rapidly and will overhaul how universities manage information and resources. We are leading the charge to help you keep up. Join us to learn how cloud technology can empower and transform your organization.

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Alumni, students, faculty or staff log in with social accounts or University IDs.

Provide trusted security where you need it.

Offer extra security with multi-factor authentication.

Engage people and keep University records up-to-date with social data capture.


Engage audiences with a Google-like search.

Meaningful data-blending with maps, calendars, and profile mash-ups.

Volunteers and staff locate the data they need, no training required.


Intuitive search and updates from phones, tablets and desktops.

Get the big picture on constituents in a single glance.

Dictate notes or perform searches without touching a keyboard.

Eliminate barriers to BYOD support.